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Know someone that you would love to be arrested and jailed by our Bail or Jail enforcement team? Sign them up to be picked up for a charge you come up with! 

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Check out our current Arrestees in our Jail Cell at Tecumseh Mall. Help spread the word to Bail'em out or Keep'em lock up! 

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Donate Money to our Bail or Jail Cause or find your favourite Arrestee and help bail them out. All proceeds benefit Windsor Essex County Crime Stoppers.

Bail or Jail goes online for 2021

Crime Stoppers Bail or Jail is one of the programs oldest and most recognizable annual events. Celebrating over 30 years, this event has evolved from a simple live in person event, to telethon style events broadcast locally, to live streaming trials to social media. Every year guarantees fun and laughs as arrestees attempt to raise funds to escape their convictions. All while supporting valuable Crime Stoppers programming.

Every dollar Crime Stoppers that is raised goes towards the reduction of crime, public awareness of the programs, and education of crime prevention in our local community. Crime Stoppers raises 100% of our funds through events like this, as they receive no government funding to cover cost.

The Bail or Jail event has been a staple in the Crime Stoppers annual fundraising calendar for over 30 years running, and this year is evolving to meet the challenges the program is facing during the pandemic. This year’s event will be held online, with funds raised through online donations by “arresting” your friends, family, neighbours, employers, or even businesses. They will than be showcased online where people can donate to help the raise the funds to escape their convictions.

Throughout this event, the intention is to be as entertaining as possible, so we encourage people to have fun. All of the ‘Arrestees’ will be convicted of a humorous offence and thrown in jail (in cyberspace!) where they need to raise money to “Bail them Out”, but some may want to pledge to “Keep’em in Jail”!

This year’s event will run the week of May 9th to 15th. Sign ups for “Arrestees” are now open.

Thank You for all your support, please donate generously, and forward this site to your friends, family and co-workers to support Crime Stoppers in our community.