Help Bail Out our Arrestee

Every Dollar Crime Stoppers raises goes to reduction of crime, the public awareness of crime, and prevention of crime in our local community.  We raise 100% of our funds through events like this, as we receive no government support.

Bail or Jail raises funds through donations by arresting your friends, your neighbors, your bosses and the like and ask you to pledge money to either “Bail them Out” or “Throw the Book at 'em!”. We try to keep this event as entertaining as possible for our ‘Arrestees’ and for you. So we ask you to join us at Tecumseh Mall on May 10th and pledge some money to send them home or have us throw away the key.

Find your favourite Arrestee and give us a reason to send them packing (Home or Up the River) the choice is yours. Donate Generously.  

Find Someone in the Jail