Get Arrested!

Help the Community - Arrest Your Friends!

Thank You for your interest in participating in our Bail or Jail Event! Crime Stoppers Bail or Jail event is our oldest and most recognizable in the community. It is a fun event that encourages community support through nominating citizens to assist us with raising funds behind bars.

Every Dollar Crime Stoppers raises from this event goes towards the reduction of crime, public awareness campaigns, and crime prevention education in our local community. We raise 100% of our funds for the program through events like this. We receive no government support.

Bail or Jail raises funds during this event through donations by arresting your friends, neighbours, employers or whoever you feel like nominating. Once arrested, they will be tried and convicted on a funny charge that you help come up with.  Than they are thrown in jail where they are tasked with finding friends or family to pledge money to either “Bail them Out” or “Throw the Book at 'em!”. We try to keep this event as entertaining as possible.

Fill out the form below or contact Program Manager Tyler Lamphier at 519-255-6700 ext. 4497 or email with the details of the person you would like to see thrown in Jail!