Thank You's

windsor-star-logo1.jpgFor 123 years, the Windsor Star has delivered news and information to Windsor and Essex County. Today, the Windsor Star is Canada's best-read metropolitan newspaper per capita in print and online. 

Crime Stoppers would like to thank The Windsor Star for their support. Their coverage of our events, and local tip requests is a major asset to our program. The media coverage of this event provides a huge outlet for our charitable message. Thanks to The Windsor Star

Bell-Canada-Unlimited.jpgAs Canada’s largest communications company, Bell provides consumers, businesses and organizations of all sizes with solutions to all their communications needs.

With Bell's long reaching support and network, Crime Stoppers has been able to reach out and call everyone. Our Bail or Jail runs on phones and that is Bell to us. Thanks Bell.

images.jpgThe Tim Hortons chain was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario.  The chain's focus on top quality, always fresh product, value, great service and community leadership has allowed it to grow into the largest quick service restaurant chain in Canada specializing in always fresh coffee, baked goods and homestyle lunches.

Tim Hortons keeps us running. Their generosity and support keeps this event well caffeinated and ready to 'Throw the Book' at all of our arrestees. A hot Tim's and donut, a Canadian tradition and a Crime Stoppers one too. Thanks.

rm.pngUnderstanding technology is not enough anymore. Understanding your business and how technology can help you solve problems, help you work more efficiently and give you the freedom to grow is what seperates Reid|Martin from the rest.

0101010101010101010101, if you didn't understand that, well neither did we. But the guys at ReidMartin made sure we didn't have to. Thanks for providing the web hosting and CMS platform for this event.

Devonshire-Mall-logo.pngDevonshire Mall, as Windsor's largest shopping center, has always found us space to host this event. We want to send our appreciation to the staff and management for all their help in staging this event with us.

Thank you to all the volunteers and everyone in the community for your support!

am800-New-Logo.jpgAM800 is the home of Windsor's number one morning show. AM800's talk programming is talk for today about issues that are important to the 25-54 demo.

We would like to thank AM800 for their ongoing support of the Crime Stoppers Program. Their dedication and support in advertising this event and our program initiatives is unwaivering. Thank You AM800.

long-mcquade-logo.jpgLong & McQuade is famous for our variety and range of musical instruments and professional audio products. Whether you're looking for a flugelhorn or the latest Special Edition Gibson guitar, you'll find it with us.  You can enjoy the convenience of seeing and comparing various options all under one roof and can often walk away on the spot with your product of choice.

Long & McQuade and their long support of our program goes without question. From speakers to stages to amplifiers, Long & McQuade has made sure our message is seen and heard. You Guys Rock. Thanks.

elias.jpgElias Deli, A popular fixture in downtown Windsor for years, Elias Deli Eatery serves some of Windsor's best Montreal Smoked Meat. All day breakfasts available.

Providing food and our favourite Breakfast for Lunch meeting place, Elias keeps our arestees well fed and wears their unwaivering support on the sleeves (Literally). Thanks Louie.

mediaplex_top.jpgMediaPlex, a facility dedicated to the education of Journalism, Media Convergence and Public Relations students. The facility is the only one of its kind in Canada and the only one of three in the world. The other two are in South Carolina and Germany.

The students of the MediaPlex program have been great supportors and their program mangers have greatly amp'd our community awareness and media prowess in the meantime. From our Crime of the Week and training videos to our Bail or Jail event, these Friends of the program have found us all more reasons to spend time on Facebook. (Thanks Guys) Friend us on Facebook and see why.